All The Ho Hum Details!

Knit Night Friday night was great. There were quite a few folks there and I sat next to an interesting lady who farms silk worms and was knitting from the most fabulous yarn that she had harvested, spun with Merino and dyed a beautiful goldenrod color. She was knitting it in to a shawl. I found a pattern in the new Interweave Knits Holiday Gift magazine for fingerless gloves with a couple of cables up the back. Got one ¾ finished by 11PM. Finished it this weekend. I really like the pattern although I am knitting a little under gauge and they are still a little big. I will go down a needle size for the next pair. Would make a quick and easy Xmas gift for friends. Will put a photo up when I get the other one done.

Saturday I had an at-home-alone day. Mr. Bee was away so I did a bunch of catching up and finishing. When he got home we went to see The Prestige which was wonderful. I love a film that keeps you guessing until the last frame. I give it an 8 out of 10-mostly due to some swirley camera work that left my eyes spinning and my head aching. When we went in, it was raining a pour. When we came out-SNOW! It was so beautiful! We got an inch and it lasted until lunchtime on Sunday.

Sunday we went to the movies again with friends D and T. We went to see Man Of The Year and then to Gray's for supper. The film was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I love Robin Williams but I’m not political at all. In my estimation, it’s all just a choice among the lesser of evils so why bother. But Robin was great and there was another sub plot which made it interesting. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Grey’s is fast becoming my second favorite restaurant. The waiter was green and not so great last night but this was the first time I’d gotten bad service there. There was an excellent singer/guitar player and the company was great. We even got free dessert for all of the service screw ups. And as always the food was spendy but fantabulous.

Mr. Bee will be starting his last two classes this week. He’s only taken one at a time in the past, but will be taking two for the next eight weeks. Mr. Bee will be a busy boy. Molly Bee will be a busy girl picking up the slack while Mr. Bee study…study….studies!!!!! But then Mr. Bee will graduate in December! You GO Mr. Bee!!!


Sister Sue said…
Hey,Ms. Bee. Good job on the gloves--can't wait to see them. I have yet to try cables. Heck, I still haven't made a real sock. Eh, I'll get to it! I'm ready for election day to come and go, but mostly so I can get my husband back. I have to tell ya, he's a good guy--not an evil politician at all! Too bad you can't vote for him (yet)!!