Snot Socks Finished-Cold...Not So Much

Yay! The Snot Sox are finished. I love the colors. I did indeed finish them before I finished the actual cold I'm sorry to say!

Today is my b-day and Mr. Bee has certainly outdone himself. He started on Friday by having 3 dozen peach, pink, yello and white roses delivered to my office. He woke me up with breakfast this morning from the Pancake Cafe;Portabella Mushroom and Havarti Omelete and Blueberry Pancakes. I finished breakfast and picked up the Sunday Paper only to find a TQ Diamonds jewelry gift box underneath. In it was an amazing white gold topaz/citrone/peridot/amethest/garnet bracelet. Then he took me an hour north to the casino for an hour or so. Came out $200 richer than we went in! Then we went to an orchard and I got some of my favorite honey crisp apples and some cider donuts to take in to work tomorrow. We stopped at this roadside historical marker and got an easy geocache.
And the perfect ending was coming home and walking down to the new Tied House at the end of our street for a cozy dinner for two. That Mr. Bee is quite a guy! I think I'll keep him.

Must go-I am preparing for another mission completely around the sun. I embark tomorrow morning. Wish me well!


Elizabeth said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you had such a good one, cold and all. I think I'm starting on my next cold already. :-(
Mum said…
Good going Molly Bee. $200.00 huh? Glad you had a good B-day.