Oui! Oui! C'est Fini!

Because of the verigation in the Cascade Yarn, you can't see the cables-or any of the definition really-oh well. I've already given them away so it doesn't matter. I will make my next pair with a solid purple. We'll see if those photograph better. At any rate they are warm and comfy! Friend-Lu thinks so too! They will keep her hands toasty while she types! At least I got to love them for a little while!

(And no, I can't explain the angle of my bangs in this photo!They are straight across, I swear!)

The Good News: I just got my gloves back! YAY!
The Bad News: Seems Friend-Lu has a wool allergy and thinks I tried to kill her with them. BOO! I think some fuzzy acrylic ones are in order for her! Tuit suit!


Mum said…
Pleasantly pleasing purple glove-thingees!!! Very nice.