Friday, July 07, 2006

Getting Hosed

It was hotter than heck at work today...inside and out. We came out at 5PM, got in the car and I slumped over exhausted. Mr. Bee asked me what the matter was. I told him that I was hot, tired and couldn't face cooking supper. I just wanted to jump in a clear, cold mountain spring somewhere. He thought for a moment. And then this wonderful man who 15 years ago would have said:

"Let me whisk you to the nearest Alp and carry you in my arms to the top where you can bask in the cool, clean waters whilst I feed you Godiva chocolates by hand..."

...who ten years ago would have said:
"Let's check into that romantic hotel that has the in-room pools. We can order the lobster from room service."

...who five years ago would have said:
"Let's get Subway and go to the State Park pool and lounge around."

This gentle, caring man looked me right in the eye and said...
"I could squirt you with the hose....". Yeah! And he wasn't kidding. He said it all kinda sincere-like and hopeful and stuff.

We will have been married for 16 years in a couple of weeks. I guess the honeymoon's over. I know that the gift for your first anniversay is paper and twenty-five is silver. Sixteen years must be rubber tubing!

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Scotti B said...'d prefer the dunk tank at the carnival?

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