Sunday, July 23, 2006

Midwest Knitter's Webring and Little Distractions

I recently joined the Midwest Knitter's Webring. Thought I'd better add some knitting content so I don't get evicted! I do knit all the time, but tend to take photo's of finished projects, rather than works in progress. I noticed I'm in the minority on this one so have decided to adapt and evolve. So for those of you who have seen my horrendous photos of finished stuff...brace are some equally, if not worse,photos of a couple of things I'm working on now.

Here is a sock I started during down time at The Ricky Tim's Seminar last weekend. It's just a knit one-purl one rib. I really liked it until the hideous, pukey, pea-green color cropped up. Didn't notice it when I bought the yarn or I wouldn't have. It totally doesn't go with the rest of the colors. I was distracted by the pretty pinks and blues. Ya'll know how easily distracted I am...

[As an aside you will be happy to note that Mr. Bee took better care of me at the Fair the other night. He kept me upright all the way through the goat barn. I did step in some poo in the sheep barn so he has some work to do in that department but I fell in nary a hole all evening. ]

Here is a photo of the Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpace lace stole that I started, stowed and then picked up again. I've been to The Sow's Ear twice with the sucker asking pattern questions, but I think I have it now. I've come to the conclusion that I actually have to pay attention to the instructions which I'm not used to. I'm used to mindless knitting like socks because...again...I tend to be distracted by ringing phones, gentle breezes, fur babies, Taylor Hicks car commercials, neighborhood kids, insects, my own arm freckles and shiny objects. But I have discovered that if I buckle down I can do it. Don't know how much fun that is though!

Today Mr. Bee and I have to go to a wedding shower lunch over on the East Side of town. It's at the Old Country All You Can Eat Buffet which Mr. Bee always takes as a personal challenge and the thing is three hours long so I may have to call 911 to bring the Jaws of Life to extract him from his booth when it's over. Looking forward to coming home so that I can do a test of Ricky Tim's convergence quilt method. I got some fabric with money on it and another one to merge with it. I've decided to call it "Passing The Buck"! Get it? Will post WIP pics of this too when I have them...even though it's not knitting.


Mum said...

I hope everyone made it home from the All You Can Eat Buffet without firing off any strategic buttons. Nice socks, even with the green stripe!

Anonymous said...

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