Molly Bee's New Rules!

Look! It's me and Ricky Tims Ya'll!!!

I spent the last two days at Ricky Tim's quilting seminar in Middleton, WI. I have come away so inspired and rarin' to go that I can hardly contain myself! I had no idea that I had become such a mindless drone of the Quilt Police; rigid rules...this is the way it MUST be caint do that! (Ricky has a pronounced Texan accent that is highly contagious!) The message that I brought away from this seminar is to screw the rules and play!! If you can think it up, it can be accomplished. So maybe it's not according the Quilt Police Book of Methods and Standards but it can be done.

I have so many ideas that I've never even attempted because it goes against all rules and I wasn't sure how to accomplish it. Boy! After this weekend, that is no longer an excuse! I was up twice in the night writing things in my sketch book lest I lose them by morning! I have spent most of this morning listening to Tim's beautiful piano CD's, writing, sketching and playing with colors. I've almost always made someone else's patterns, step-by-step but now...look out art quilt world! I'm having so much fun!

Here are some shots I took of Ricky's Quilts. I spelled that with a capital 'Q' because these are by no means ordinary and shouldn't be categorized as such. You all know I am a horrible photographer. The opportunity to study these up close and personal for two days was a sublime experience. The magic of these pieces comes not only from the rich saturated color selection and placement, but from Ricky's AMAZING decorative quilting skills which don't show up at all in these-intricate stitching, trapunto, colored threads, bobbin-quilted sparkles. Just imagine...that's what Ricky teaches you to do!

Look at the beautiful hand-dyed colors!

Center of a Rhapdosy quilt. All applique button-holed down with beautiful colored thread and decorative stitching.

Horrible photo of a stunning quilt. It's also on it's side, but it demonstrates what I love about Ricky's Convergence Quilts.

More later. Blogger is giving me an awful time uploading pictures. It probably recognizes the poor quality and doesn't think they should grace the web. Not sure I blame it!


Sister Sue said…
I'm glad you had so much fun at the quilting seminar! I know the feeling of meeting and learning from an awesome teacher. Very inspring. Best of luck with your emerging designs. I don't know how anyone can think of quilts right now, though, as the temperature is hovering somewhere near 8 million degrees, but still...enjoy!
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