Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Bubble Truck She's A Comin'!

The bubble truck is coming to our house tonight. It pulls up in the drive. We throw the Wee Doggie in the back. The truck hums...bubbles and water come out the back...and then, by and by, the Wee Doggie comes out-freshly scrubbed and trimmed. Smellin' good. It's magical. He even likes the Bubble Truck Lady which is a small miracle considering what must go on behind the closed doors of that poor panel truck. We used to take him to a chain store for grooming but he came back twice with fleas and several times cut and traumatized. Plus it took them three hours a pop and since he is deaf, mostly blind and kinda on the high-strung side, it was terrifying for him. This is much better. The magical, doggie-washing bubble truck.

The cat sits on the guest room bed, staring out the window, eyes agog, watching the truck shimmy and shake. He can't imagine what horrendous atrocities are happening to Wee Doggie... but he doesn't particularly like him and thinks he deserves everything he must be getting in there so he doesn't want to miss a moment. He secretly hopes for tinges of blood among the bubbles.

The rabbit is oblivious to the truck and process itself, but sees the Bubble Truck Lady as a new victim on which to practice her shameless beggar routine. She stands up and rakes the metal bars of her cage (Attica! Attica!) all the while pantomiming frantically that we are abusing her and never give her treats...or food....or water. And we poke her with a stick. If she could sneak a tiny note to the lady that said "Help me! For the love of God, please help me!" she would. But she can't. Because she has no opposable thumbs .

The Bubble Truck is coming! The Bubble Truck is coming! It's a very exciting event for one and all. We loves us some Bubble Truck!

We're a long-faced bunch around here this evening. The Bubble Truck Lady had to call and reschedule....

Here are some additional photos of Ricky Tim's work:

My favorite part of the show was this next quilt. It was Tim's first. He taught himself to quilt using the Leisure Art's Teach Yourself To Quilt book just like me and used the almost identical colors and fabrics I did! He even hand quilted it like me with big utility stitches. Maybe there's hope for my quilting evolution too!


Sister Sue said...

I am thoroughly impressed by this concept. We have narry a bubble truck in sight around here, but wouldn't that be swell! Beagles don't need a scrubbin' too often, but one of our dears has a tendency to roll in...I don't know what, but it stinks. Wish I could call on the bubble truck from time to time! What a clever business idea.

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