Happy 4th of July

It's been a very relaxing four day vacation...Well not relaxing really-I've been sick some, cooked some, cleaned some and generally just got things caught up around here. I will never understand how some women can work a full time job and still have houses that look like they fell out of Better Homes and Gardens. We have a rule around here. You can draw in the dust...just don't date it. It's nice to get caught up again.

I did find some time to knit a pair of the teensiest-weensiest baby socks for friends of ours who are expecting any moment now. Well, not for them...for their baby.

And I started spinning up some beautiful roving that Sandy from The Sow's Ear dyed.

And I went to a movie with Mr. Bee, "Keeping Up With The Steins" with my hero, Jeremy Piven....

Hmmm, I beginning to get an inkling of an inkling of an idea of how nothing houseworky gets done around here....Oh well, off to the fireworks! Happy Independence Day!