Terrible Tues.......day!

Heavy Sigh...It's one of those days following one of those nights. I was awake most of the night thinking. I know, it doesn't happen that often so when it does, it keeps me up. I finally fell asleep in the wee hours only to wake up with a cough and sore throat. And a weird, itchy rash on my arms, tummy and legs. My boss is out this week and I am in charge of all twelve 'kids' myself. I've already broken out the 'just wait until you father gets home' threat and it's only Tuesday. AND it smells like someone nuked catfood for lunch in the microwave a few feet from my desk. AND Blogger won't let me upload any pictures. I shoulda just stayed in bed and thunk some more. Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints to join the rest of the world!

I worked more on my convergence quilt last night. I did steps one and loved it. Step two and loved it. Did step three and now I hate it. I realize now I misplaced my fabrics and they don't converge like I thought they would. That's why it's a sample I guess. Ricky was saying how there were always people in his class that didn't like theirs when they put it together but once they finished and put the border on it was great. I'll never know...'cause it's now in the scrap bag! Will start back on my McKenna Ryan loons again.

We do have to make a foray into town tonight to pick up a gift for this weekend's wedding at Bed Bath and Beyond. That always perks me up. Especially if I can find a citrus zester like I saw on the Food Channel the other night. I've been adding zest and lemon juice to stir fries. I usually just use my grater, but on TV they used one that looked kinda like a fork and made long strips of zest. Opened up my world just a little bit wider it did. It's all about the little things!


Tammany said…
Hi, there!
I am not originally from Maine. I was a Navy brat, but since I spent half of my life in Maine, I just tell people I'm from there to avoid confusion. I went to high school in Topsham. Then I went to the University at Orono. I stayed in that area until summer '04 when I moved to Indianapolis.
Nice to meet you!
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