Crazy Monday

It's been a nutso day here at the old TechnoFarm. I have more work than one person can handle and the new girl from the department next door started today so I spent a lot of time training her for a job that I've never done....I hope there's a quiz later! She seems nice although a bit unusual at over 6 feet tall with a short dyed black pageboy, thick black cat glasses, all black clothing and numerous facial piercings. We make quite the pair walking down the hall together. I'm 5'2" and about at un-punk as you can get! I did wear red shoes today which is about a crazy as it gets in Molly Bee Land.

Had a nice weekend. Went geocaching on Friday night. Got one that I'd been working on for over a year. It had a vicious puzzle that ultimately involved turning the bit map of the background upside down, translating it to get a clue word for another cipher and running the scrambled satellite coodinates through that. Sheesh! No wonder it took me a year and a threat to a geopal to give the the secret before I slit my own wrists. It was worth it though. It was in a beautiful park and we took a lovely walk around a pond that had baby ducks paddling everywhere.

Got the talons resharpened Saturday at the Penny's Salon and had Kato's Burbon Chicken for lunch-YUM. Then I made the stir fry for supper that The Diabetic Chef made at the seminar we went to a couple of weekends ago. It was FABULOUS and easy. Every veggie under the sun, whole wheat mastaccholi, chicken, spices, garlic, lemon and feta. Good thing it's tasty because once you add a little of this and a little of that, before you know it you're in WAY over your head and you've made enough for a month!

Sunday found us waiting in line with friends D & T to see Pirates of the Caribbean. There were sold out shows, long lines, and theaters so packed that people were actually sitting in those front rows where you spend the whole movie looking directly up Johnny Depp's nose. It was an awesome film though! I liked it better than the first one! Then we went with them to Casa de Laura for supper. I had a chimi when I should have had a flauta but the food was excellent as was the peach margarita!!! Ole!

Not much knitting done...that's not true. Lots of knitting done if you count putting in and taking out the same 16 rows of the honeycomb sock I'm working on. Darn cables! I'm getting in a quilty mood again since I will be attending the Ricky Tims seminar next weekend:two days 8-5 and then Ricky does a concert on Saturday evening. Talk about multi-talented! Please click on Ricky's name above and see his beautiful quilts! See why I'm so excited!?I traced all of the pieces for this McKenna Ryan quilt on Thursday night hoping to get it layed out this weekend but that didn't happen. Time is precious this week with social activities Thusday -Sunday so don't know when I'll get to it...but at least I got it traced and if you've ever done a Pine Needles Quilt you know that that's half the battle! Break's up! Time to get back at it!


Mum said…
Keep up the good work. Everyone needs to smile. I did check out Ricky Tims. WOW !!