Fwick Fwick Fwick...

Does anyone else get as grossed out as I do by that sticky, flappy sound that some folks make when they wear plastic mules and flip flops? Not the normal 'click' 'click' click'...more like someone peeling a sticker off something before the click. It's a really hot day here...humid...sweaty... and all you can hear is varying paces of 'ffffwick' ffffwick' ffffwick' up and down the hallway. YUCK! Dr. Sholls makes a foot spray people! Let's use it!

I have no knitting news because I hate knitting and I'm never going to do it again....well until I get home from work anyway. I am having problems with the honeybee sock from heck. I shall not speak of it further....That'll teach it!

Was out of the office Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't feel much better today but I am upright so I came in. Mistake. No injured reserve list around here. I've been running my back pockets off all day...back and forth...up and down...to and fro... But the important thing is that I'm wearing shoes WITH SOCKS so I'm not going 'fwick' fwick' fwick' while I do it!


Anonymous said…
Cute, thoughtful and clever, keep on going, was looking for an id for our backyard ground squirrels and there was Angus, hope you have made peace with him, give him a stone wall to dig behind and you will be freed from his depredations, we are building our population (lots of stone walls and sunflower seeds in piles) and have instructed our cat to back off.