Friday, July 28, 2006

Guess I Underestimated A Little...

I apologize for understating the rain in yesterday's Emu and Alpaca entry. It was bigger than that it turns out. More of the Rhino and Killer Whale variety. While I was whining about my wet hair and clothes, folks downtown were looking for parking spaces on higher ground! We got something like 5-6 inches in 90 minutes down on the isthmus. Last report I heard was 68 campus buildings with water damage/flooding.

My favorite story so far is of a group of UW students who were gathered in a classroom to take a test when the storm hit. Their professor no-showed. When someone finally came in and told them to leave because of the flooding, the classroom looked like this...

and they were still reluctant to leave!! They left notes all over the place saying that they were forced to leave. Guess they were afraid of getting docked on the exam. But not afraid of drowning where they sat in calculus class. People constantly amaze me.

Chez Bee weathered the storm just fine although I swear our lawn grew three inches overnight. The aspen tree outside my office window is bent into a weird yogi-swami shape and will probably need to go to that big lumberyard in the sky but no damage other than that at work. We were a lot luckier that some other citizens. We live on a hill.

Tonight is Knit Night until 11PM down at The Sow's Ear. I love knit night. We start off all prim and proper drinking iced tea, showing our projects and demurely chit-chatting but by 8:00PM the noise level goes way up and it inevitable turns into a giggle fest with jokes about what's really in our tea cups and worse. It's due in part the sheer giddiness of getting to stay up late and everything I guess. And the sugar from the yummy baked goods. I shudder to think what would happen if alcohol of any sort was introduced into the mix, even so much as a glass of wine or two. It would be hide-the-lamp shades time. The authorities would have to be called. It's been touch and go a couple of times already when there was nary a drop to be found.

I' ve learned to only take mindless knitting. Otherwise I will have to tink every stinkin' stitch the next day because I was being a social butterfly rather than paying attention. I Usually I take a sock, but tonight I will try and get a chunk more done on my Hospice Comfort Shawl. Knit three/purl three on telephone pole needles. How could that go wrong? Believe me it has, but it's a lot easier to fix than lace!

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