Surface of The Sun Hot

There is nothing about me that's remotely pretty. Built like an armored tank. Below average to par in every way. Usually in jeans, t-shirt and what is it about getting my nails done that makes me feel girly and pretty? Dunno. Anyway, I went to get them redone this morning and then took over an hour stroll around the mall while they dried. Since it is hotter than the surface of the sun outside, it was nice to walk in the chilly air. It was early enough so that not many folks were in there and it hadn't gotten swampy yet. I haven't been walking like I should because it's been so miserable outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter with dangerous heat indexes. Fun. Looks like it's treadmill time again.

Went to Knit Night last night and got a sizable amount done on my comfort shawl-finished the first skein- even though I left at 9:30 because I was so hot I was starting to feel ill. It was packed to the rafters and it's in an old house so the air conditioning isn't all that great. Plus there are no shades and the sun beats in the front room where we all sit. One of the girls that works there was working on a baby cardigan for her adorable 4 month old. It had a pretty slip stitch pattern that I think would make a good sock cuff and will try it on the next pair I knit. She said that you just slip the second stitch over the first one and then knit the first one. Sounds simple enough. If anyone has tried this and knows whether I should cast on an odd # or an even # to get this to come outright, please let me know.

Well, this will be short and sweet because the computer room is heating up. Off to the living room to lay low, drink iced tea and watch The Kids In The Hall.