She Said Yes!

My Mum signed the waver to be included on my blog. This is a picture of her in the sweater I made her for Christmas! Doesn't she have a beautiful face and cheery smile?

By the way, she painted the landscape you can see on the wall behind her. Looks and talent. She has it all, my Mum!

Off to the Quilt store in Cambridge this morning to pick up fabric for my super secret project. Quilt work sometimes gets all mathy on me and I ALWAYS underestimate how much I will need and am always to stubborn to ask for help at the shop. Thankfully the quilt shop lady knows about my disability and puts a little more aside for me for when I come crawling back shamefaced! Call her an enabler if you will. I just call her my hero. She understands that it's all just number salad to me!


peaknit said…
I hope you enjoyed your jaunt to Cambridge, my little village:) Cindy at the Quilt Shop rocks! Loves your mom's sweater... and that must be what people mean when they say "put on a happy face"!?
Elizabeth said…
Anyone ever tell you you have your mother's smile?

Have fun at the quilt shop. I think they don't want you to give up in frustration, but don't want to argue with you while you're delusional, either. Just put it aside: she'll be back.
Shelley said…
The sweater looks great, as does the landscape your Mom painted!
Mum said…
Why, thank you for posting my picture! I've never looked better!
Anonymous said…
You just crack me up!

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