Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's A Boy!

Haven’t had much time to write since I have a new kid! I added to my little family of scientists on Monday. The new kid's name is Rudy and there is much work to do to beat him into submission like I have the rest of my charges. He’s not as strong-willed as some of the others so ‘Mom’ should be able to whip him into shape tuit suite!

I have been knitting my Grammie’s cardigan, but it still looks like a misshapen lump on the circular needle so I didn’t bother with a picture. It’s going really fast so far. Almost done the back now.

Haven’t been down in the quilt room this week so far. Spent all last evening cleaning out the walk-in closet for the Easter Seals truck that is supposed to come on Thursday. It was like a bad fashion museum in there…huge florals, shoulder pads, lots of rayon…most of it too embarrassing to even give to charity. Now it’s cleaner and we can even see the floor since I cleaned out the old shoe graveyard. I am still my Daddy’s girl-never met a shoe I could stand to part with.

Mr. Bee is going to a gaming thing this weekend so I will have two days to do whatever I please with my little ol’ self. I am still working on getting that %^&* quilting frame together. Remember the one I bought to make my life easier? Riiiiiiighhhht!

Off to walk Wee Doggie…..

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Mum said...

Keep up the good work on the sweater, and have fun this weekend.

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