Thursday, January 25, 2007

Put On Your Dancin' Socks

Here is a photo of my newly finished socks. And one of the cuff detail although it's a little blurry. This is my new current fav pattern. It's a little taller than an anklet, a little more fitted than my normal basic sock pattern and the little lace panel makes it interesting. I love the yarn too-Cherry Tree Hill. Only about 1/2 the price of the Celestial Sock Yarn that I love and only a little lesser in quality. It's a pretty good compromise. Plus when you wash them they get sooooo soft! Now I'm starting a purple pair out of some WildeFoot that I found at Lakeside Fibers. Sock hoarding. I know. It's an illness.

Mr. Bee and I are gleefully planning our 'Aroostook County Maine Sat-adee Night Bean Suppah', Deah. Here is the invitation that went out to our friends:
The date for the official 'Aroostook County Maine Sat-a-dee Night Bean Suppah' will be February 24th. To make it as authentic as possible we will be eatin' at 5PM (shahp, Deah) so plan on droppin' by any time aftah 4PM. If you want to go whole moose, weah your 'dungarees' , 'woolies' and flannel shirts. We'll have the wood stove stoked so you won't need your parhkah. I'll try to arrange to have some black flies impahted. I have a hunch that they'ah a seasonal thing but judging on the season so fah, I may be able to swing it. Anything for authenticity Mistah Man!!!

Skiddah pahkin's on the street, Chummy! Ayuh!

We are having a great time planning the menu for our baked bean extravaganza. Most folks outside of New England don't eat baked beans unless they come out of a can and are a side at a bar-b-que or on a camping trip. We'll be cooking 'em up slowly all day in a big crockpot (in lieu of a 'real' beanpot or a shovel tough enough to dig a hole in the frozen tundra that is our back yard in order to make 'bean hole beans'). We may even try our hand at brown bread baked in a coffee can. Of course there'll be blueberry cobbler and whoopie pies for dessert! We'll dig out our Schooner Fare music and maybe even a Tim Sample CD. Can't wait! We plan on making it a yearly event to break up the winter doldrums. Don't know why we didn't think of it soonah! Ayuh!


Elizabeth said...

I made baked beans recently. Real ones. I used a covered casserole dish in the oven and wasn't careful to add enough water while they cooked, but the guys liked them anyway.

Mum said...

Right neighborly of ya chummy. Wish I could just mosey on ova and pahtake with the clan, but my legs are old and tired and I don't think I could make it all the way to your house. Enjoy

peaknits said...

Love the socks - gorgeous...Lakeside sucks me in everytime! MMM, baked beans - good stuff!

Joni said...

Great socks! Looks like the best of both kinds of knitting--some interesting, some plain, a nice effect overall! :)

By the way, I love beans! I make beans often, all 4 seasons of the year. ;)

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