Sunday, January 28, 2007

Trip to the Tropics

What a great weekend! I started it off by meeting Mrs. SABLE at Victor Allen's on Saturday morning for knitting and coffee. She is as wonderful as her blog suggests and her newest sweater project is even more gorgeous in person if that's possible. Laurie from Pickin' and Throwin' and Linda from Mousey Blog were there as well and delightful. It always amazes me when you meet strangers and you all have so much in common (she typed, humming 'It's a Small World' ). Delightful conversation, good coffee and I got the major part of the foot done on my purple sock.

Mr. Bee and I went to see the film 'Smokin' Aces' in the afternoon. Jeremy Piven was in it so Mr. Bee was contractually obligated to take me. It's in our wedding vows. Gratuitous gore aside (seriously, you'll want to cover your head with your jacket for aproximately 5 minutes when you see the guy with the chainsaw come in) it was pretty good. Jeremy was amazing (of course) and there were some funny bits and a good twist. I give it 3 out of four stars.

Today was cold and January and Wisconsin-ey, so I took Mr. Bee by the hand and whisked him off to the tropics for the afternoon. We went to Olbrich Gardens Conservatory to breath the humid air and see the art glass show that they have right now. Best tropical vacation in the land for $1 per person! There are gorgeous, blown-glass trumpet flowers hanging from the canopy and amazing, glass koi fish mingling with the real koi in the steams and ponds. Wee birdies in the feeders and bushed. What a refreshing break. Here are some photos to warm up your cold winter evening. (Click on image to make bigger).

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