It's (Finally) Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Finally some snow! There is a Winter Storm Warning and we are supposed to get 4"-6" tonight-the first significant snowfall in two months. It was a lush, green Christmas around here this year! Tonight's extravaganza is supposed to come laced with ice and sleet, which I am not too crazy about, but hey, beggers can't be choosers.

Christmas? Were we speaking about Christmas? Oh yes we were, Oh Mighty Queen of the Segue! Here is a photo of Wee Doggie. He spent Christmas afternoon safely tucked between my freshly minted socks so he wouldn't get trampled in the commotion or get accidently tossed in the discarded wrapping bin. I love Socketta yarn! Almost as much as I love Wee Doggie!


Elizabeth said…
What a cute pooch!
Sister Sue said…
Great socks! Great pooch! Your snow forecast sounds just like ours in Maine. A bit o' snow laced with ice. Charming. More winter than we've seen all year!
peaknits said…
The snow came!! Not sure is it is as much as predicted - but it is welcoming to see that fresh blanket of snow - until you have to drive in it that is:) Be careful out there - wee doggie is darling!
Jodi said…
Wee Doggie is super cute, and your socks look lovely.

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