It Never Rains in Southern Californa

I made the yummiest Apple Crisp (click for recipe) on Sunday. I got the recipe from a free Kraft recipe magazine that comes on the mail and is also online. The topping was made with Nilla Wafers and oatmeal. It was soooo good warm from the oven and wasn’t bad warmed over in the micro-just not as crunchy as fresh. There are a lot of keepers among the recipes in this month’s issue. I especially like making meatloaf in muffin cups so you can freeze them for a quick meal some other day rather than eat meatloafy leftovers all week!

BossMan is in San Diego this week and has called me twice complaining about the accommodations at his $200/night hotel. I listened for a while and then finally I asked him what the weather was like there…65°-70° and sunny as it turns out. (It’s ALWAYS 65°-70° in San Diego!) I told him that we got snow yesterday and that today was 5° with a wind chill of -5° to -10°. Made his room look a whole lot better instantly. I aim to please! Call me anytime!

Grammy’s sweater is coming along nicely. Working on the bottom binding and will pick up the first sleeve stitches Friday night at The Sow’s Ear. It’s Knit Night doncha know! Knitting and company ‘til 11PM! YAY!!! It’s so cool getting to stay up late and everything! After I get the sweater done, I am going to work on a knitted denim bag that I saw over at MagKnits. I have a whole bunch of hubby’s jeans that he has worn out. He’s 6’6" so the legs are longer than the Allagash Tote Road. Strips from them should make for some good knitting. Should be an interesting project. Also PeaKnit has me all in a lather to do some more lace after seeing her beautiful shawl. It really hasn’t been long enough since I did my last lace project though so I still vividly remember all of the agony and frustration. I may put the idea on the back burner until the amnesia sets in a little better.


peaknit said…
I'm so excited I could be responsible for a lather:) I am additcted to lace - I think it's the mild frustration combined with the challenge on top of my stubborness - that makes it sound so joyful though, doesn't it? I owe Mo at the Sow for starting this lace fetish!! The Quick Fettuccine Cacciatore is also a winner and I'm getting the scoop on those mini meatloaves tomorrow. I may have to make that apple crisp now too - Kraft Foods rocks!