Things That Wee Doggies Hate

Wee doggies hate getting up in the morning...
Especially when they are all snuggly warm in the covers...

But the thing they really hate is static cling head!
Poor Wee Doggie!

Didn't get any quilting done last night but got some more of Grammie's sweater sleeve done. I'll have to ask Mum to remeasure Grammie from the underarm down to get the sleeve length before I go much further. The original measurement was from the shoulder but the sweater is a raglan sleeve so I'd better be a little more sure.

Tonight is grocery night. Other than that our plan is to avoid the State Of The Union speech at all costs. We have our own opinions as to the state of the union....


Anonymous said…
Amen Sister, Amen!!

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