Inktober: Week Three Recap

October 17
Playing with shadows and I love the daisy pattern.

October 18
Diva Challenge was to use a leaf. 

October 19
Trying to get that 'ripped open to see what's underneath' thing going. Failed miserably.

October 20
Wonder if I can draw a zipper. Brother Dan says this looks like an L.L. Bean vest. I'll take it!

October 21
A pop of color

October 22
Using 'Mooka' as a string.

October 23
I don't know whataheck is going on here!

October 24
Friends don't let friends tangle at 4:15 AM!


Mum said…
Just checked your blog. you're still amazing...
Brenda said…
Love your tiles! I am going to have to try Daisy; seeing yours, I can see how it is constructed,and it does look cool. Great gems with the lolly wimple.

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