Diva Challenge: Nzepple and Flux

This week's Diva Challenge was to use the Nzepple and Flux patters as a duotangle. Not really happy with this one, and the graphite really flared for the carmera, but I always post my first effort so for better or worse, here it is. I think I'll have another go at it tonight for Inktober and see if I can do it more justice.

In other news, the Merino Silk yarn I won online came yesterday. It is softer than unborn baby panda pelts! Can't wait to turn it into a scarf or cowl!

I couldn't get to it last night since I had Moose napping on my shoulder. Tends to paralyze the  left arm a bit, but totally worth it to have his Darth Vader like snores DIRECTLY in my ear! What a little sweetie!


Anonymous said…
I like your tile with the green gems :-) Gudrun S.
Ria Matheussen said…
I like your tile with these green gems very much, a very nice composition!
And a lovely picture, when you have dogs, you know what real love means!
Beautiful gems on your tile and that yarn looks lovely! You will have to show us what you make! What a little cutie on your shoulder!
Sue Sharp said…
Love that NZeppel became your string and it makes an interesting grid to fill randomly. Love the gems!
Jean Chaney said…
Those gems are so rich and beautifully done. Your yarn looks so yummy. You must share what you make with it. I prefer cowls because I don't lose them LOL! Sweet little doggie too!
Anja said…
Wonderful composition and color! Love it!
Love the beautiful silk yarn too and the picture with Moose is so cute!
Pat Mathes said…
Beautiful tile. Love how your N'zeppel nestles.
Your tile is very original and also beautiful.
Nadjezdah said…
Exquisite work!
magratscraft said…
That is one sweet looking puppy. I liked you Diva Challenge tile and the idea of putting the Flux inside the "boxes". Clever.
LezliB said…
What an absolutely beautiful tile. I love the green gems sprinkled throughout and I think that the shading with the graphite looks great. It's hard sometimes for us to see how lovely our own pieces are, but this one really is a beauty. I love the yarn too, it looks luscious and would make a beautiful cowl. Love your puppy picture! I feel that way about my kitties as well...it's always nice to have them nearby, even if I can't always get done what I want to with them taking the area over. Thanks for sharing!

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