Inktober-Week 2

October 10-Saw lots or wild cranberry bushes on my walks lately. Reminds me of the bush we always had outside the house that was filled with birds. 

October 11-This was a Diva Challenge piece that I'm not thrilled with. White on black is not my forte, note is the Gourd-geous tangle pattern. 

October 12- Decided to try a bit more color this week so used a pan-pastelled  and used blue pens. I like it more than the one above! :-)

October 13-Decided to have a go at color AND using only patterns that I had created: Crystal, Obad and Cherryfield.

October 14-And this is why I don't use color much. I don't know when to stop. Again using only my patterns though: Lyfe, Whittier and Katahdin

October 15-A quicky bookmark done at my WiTAC meeting. I like it when I can manage to not cram so much in every available space. It's something I can't do very often. The siren's pull to put something in those little 'Bale' squares was strong, but I resisted!

October 16-The sun in this one based on an ancient pictograph found on a rock in Australia. The one by the Maori looked much less like an octopus.