Diva Challenge: TakeTwo

I did two more challenge pieces last night, partly because I wasn't wild about the first one and secondly because I won't be able to do my Inktober thing tomorrow so I'm filing one ahead.  After close consideration, I've decided that I don't like these tiles either and the reason is Flux. I use this tangle rarely because it isn't in my top 50  favorites... which is a weird juxtaposition with nZepple which is probably my #1-Go To pattern. C'est La Vive!

Inktober 26 and Diva Challenge
Flux as a string

Inktober 27 
nZeppel as a fill for Flux. 


Anonymous said…
I love your tiles :-) Gudrun S.
Ria Matheussen said…
Two nice tiles, beautiful drawn!
Like them both, but the flux as a string is my favorite.
Sue Clark said…
I love both your tiles! I did mine last night and just posted it, and then I saw your first tile. We were on the same wavelength!
Pat Mathes said…
I like both of these tiles. Like the way your N'zeppel is done in a circle.
We all are our own biggest criticals, aren't we? I think your Flux is well done and the tile beautiful.
Jean Chaney said…
Annemarie is so right. Don't be so hard on yourself. These are lovely tiles!