Diva Challenge: 'Gourd'

Rick and Maria have introduced a new, official Zentangle pattern called 'Gourd' and the Diva Challenge this week is to us it in a tangle. This is really quick and crude, but I worked all day yesterday and then volunteered at the barn after so I didn't have a lot of time and needed to get the challenge and Inktober 11 done, so be kind:

Moose has been doing so well. It's like he's always lived at the house. The only thing is, he gets chilly, being from down South and all, so I had to knit him a sweater. This is just the prototype out of some yarn I had kicking around. The one I'm knitting now is Packer colors and has more of a turtleneck.

He loves to wear it and prances when he has it on. To really test it though, we hopped in the car and went to the lake last weekend. The sun in his eyes makes it dicey, but for better or worse, Dog Is My CoPilot

The sweater worked really well when we walked across the causeway but it was a little warm for basking in the sun watching Canada Geese and squirrels.

And of course, going 'nekked' is the best way to get all of the all important belly rubs in. Belly rubs in the sun are the best, but really there is no bad belly rub. 

It's been amusing watching Cooper and Moose play together. One will chase the other up the stairs and then the other one is doing the chasing coming back down. Moose has more stamina than Cooper so when he gets tired, Cooper just jumps up on the nearest coffee table or his cat tree. Moose has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where he went. He will hunt the house over for the next 10 minutes looking for him.  The only place he doesn't look is UP! But they are getting to be pretty good friends...neither of which likes to have his picture taken!

This weekend is our last Wisconsin Zentangle Coalition of the year! It's supposed to be gorgeous weather on Saturday and I'm making a bday cake as my treat to bring. Who could ask for anything more!


Michelle said…
Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your birthday! Have a happy one!
Dan Fraser said…
Furry family and belly rubs are wonderful. Linda says it's hard to rub all of my belly in just one sitting so we break it up over the course of several days. Hope your Birthday is as much a treasure as you are to our family. It is as if we were waiting for you to be found. Have a wonderful day and 29th birthday again.
I love your little dog in his little doggie sweater. That is so perfect. But what is better than belly rubs? Not much! :-D What a cutie. But I digress. I like your Gourdgeous on the black tile. For not having much time you ended up with a great tile.
Jean Chaney said…
I enjoyed reading about your pets. My dog and cat don't like to be photographed either. Odd :) Your tile looks super on the black and the bats and eyes make it great for the season!
Suse said…
What a lovely post, I enjoyed reading about your pets too, and your little dog rocks that purple sweater!
As for your tile, it is fun :) Love it.
Fun Halloween tile, and what a little cutie in the sweater!
Ria Matheussen said…
A nice Halloween tile on this black tile, drawing on black is not so easy but you did a fine job.
I like all animals and I have two little dogs: Miles and Jools and they give me lots of pleasure, just like Moose does for you, he is lovely!
Anja said…
Beautiful tile!
Many thanks for sharing the wonderful photos from Cooper & Moose!
Happy Sunday!