Warm February Day

It's difficult to believe that it's still winter around here. We haven't had much of a winter to begin with, but with the warm weather of the last couple of days, the animals even think it's spring. Click on the pics to bring up bigger versions, you won't be sorry!
 The tree out front has started to bud under the bright blue sky.
 It's branches are filled with birds singing the songs or courtship and spring.
 This handsome guy has found his mate.
 When I first saw this guy, he was sound asleep in the sun.
 He wasn't grumpy at being woken though. Look at that smile!
 Mama muskrat and her babies poked a hole up through the ice on the pond.
 She spent the afternoon giving them swimming and diving lessons...
 With occasional breaks to munch on last autumn's cattails.
Neighbor, Rob, says that there are seven.  I got at least four! Too cute!
Any signs of spring where you are yet?


Renee Anne said…
Yesterday was a lovely February day....and then that really weird warm snow came down in droves for part of the morning. After that, back to being a lovely February day.

Wisconsin winters, eh?