Mini Update

I'm getting the mid winter blahs even though we haven't had a winter to speak of. I really need a change of pace around here. Still working on my last Fiddlehead mitten. Still working on my cable sweater. Still reading my brains out. Sigh.

I did find a neat outlet for my doodling habit. I got a half size sketchbook and wrote an uplifting or inspirational quote on each page. Now I'm tangling around them. There are fifty pages so it ought to take me a while. I've only done 4 so far....and as per paragraph one, it's not working to lift my spirits yet, but it's fun. Kind of like my own personal coloring book.

The one really bright spot of the week is going out to the farm. This last Sunday there was a little box of fresh raspberries in the produce bin. Esme-the-turkey LOVES her fruit, so I sat down in the middle of the barn floor and opened the little hinged plastic box and held it out to her. I thought she would gobble them down, but she was such a little lady.  She cocked her head and eyed each berry carefully and then chose the one that looked best to her and swallowed it.  Then she eyed them all and carefully chose another. It's like she knew that it was a rare treat to get fresh raspberries in February. She looked like someone with a box of See's chocolates!  I also found an itchy spot on Toby's cheek that when scritched, makes his eyes roll back in his head with pure bliss. So it was a good day all around.

Not much else to report but I got a few comments about the fact that I posted every day for a week and then stopped, so I thought I'd better put something out here. I'll be baking later in the week so that'll be good for another post and then maybe I'll go on spring break for a while.  Someplace tropical with cabana boys please!


Renee Anne said…
I could use a spring break, too.......even if we haven't had much of a winter here in southern Wisconsin. *sigh*

I, too, have had the winter blahs, so to speak. Knitting just isn't happening like I want it to :(

Oh'll be spring soon enough and then, perhaps, we can find a cabana boy or five.