Spring At Last! Spring At Last!

It was so nice during my last farm shift that I spent a half and hour after the chores were done, and just sat out in the back pasture with the goats and sucked up the nice weather. Anna and Cherish were on the other side of the fence....

 The goats were loving the sun and the company.
 And Bert was happy to get his big old head skritched.
I spent a lot of time out with the goats last summer and fall. They are really social and come to visit you when you sit out there with them. I spent a little time with them in their inside pen this winter, but it was so cold that we didn't get any quality time in. I think they were as happy about the social time as I was on Sunday. I spent entire 15 minutes talking to Bert and scratching his head, up and down his nose and around his horn buds. He just stood still, rocking slightly with the motion of the scratches, closing his eyes off and on. Such a sweetie.

I wish I could begin to explain, the feeling of well-being I had, sitting in the sun and solitude, with my friends from the peaceable kingdom! I've told folks before that Sundays on the farm is like my 'church'. I think the world's problems could be solved on a sunny bench in a pen surrounded by farm animals!


MadCityMike said…
I'm in total agreement with you. I had many a good time sitting out in the pasture with my "kids". ;)
It sounds wonderful. I really miss spending time with the horses at my old stables
Michelle said…
Those of us with animals need no explanation, because we know whereof you speak. :-)