Diva's Challenge: Mardi Gras

I haven't done a Diva Challenge for a while now, but couldn't resist this week. The only instructions were to make a tangle that was reminiscent of Mardi Gras. Here is my attempt:
Happy Shrove Tuesday Everyone!


ledenzer said…
OwlLovingApril said…
WOW! I love it. So many details. I love all the tangles you used to represent Mardi Gras. Well done!
Very well done, mardi gras some one explained yesterday in dutch what it realy means.
Greetings from holland.
Wow, that's beautiful!
Susan said…
Wow! This is beautifully done!
TheStarryMe said…
It is beautiful!! Well done.
Susan said…
Wow! So pretty! Love the mix of light and dark!
Deb Ammerman said…
Lovely Mardi Gras mask. Very Pretty!
KNM said…
Lovely tile. I like the way the shadows are cast at the sides of the mask!

Gloria said…
Wow! I think I counted 14 or was it 15 patterns! How wonderful and beautiful!

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