Finorkin Fiddlehead Mittens: Part Deux

The mitten on the right was from the first pair I made. The grey was the background and the colors were the 'fiddleheads'. If you saw my previous post on the matter, you say that I only had a tweensy little smidge of the gray left over, but I had scads of the other five colors left over. So I changed things up a bit and started a second pair. Now the 'fiddleheads' are a cream color and the other five colors are the background colors.  I did have to switch the colors to the opposite order because in the first mitten I had to do the icord cast on in dark blue and it ate a lot of yarn, but the green tip of the mitten was losts of decreases so it didn't use hardly any yarn.  Reversing them prevented a yarn shortage panic like I had last time.  I hope. I've only got the first few rows done on the second mitten of the second pair, so we'll see.
Which version do you like best?


MadCityMike said…
My vote goes to the 2nd pair. I like the brilliance of the colors versus the toned down via the gray.
Renee Anne said…
I, too, like the second pair...not that I dislike the first pair but like Mike said previously: the color gets a little lost in the gray.
Think I like the first pair best just for a change, but they're both great
egebs said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said…
I'm confused; the pair on the right (which I prefer) looks like it uses far less grey!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
I like them both!

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