Happy Valentine's Day!

I hear a lot of folks grousing about how Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday or how they are alone and the holiday just 'rubs it in', but I LOVE Valentine's Day. What better time to tell EVERYONE in your life, not just a significant other, how much you appreciate them, cherish your connection with them and love them for who they are?  People don't do that enough as far as I'm concerned. We get busy. We take each other for granted. We lose sight of what's important. Here's a whole DAY to remind you of that. Take advantage!

I made some Valentine's treats last night.
They were uber easy.  Put a round waffle pretzel on the bottom. Top with a Hershey Hug. Bake at 200° about 4 minutes until shiny and soft-but not all the way melted. Squish the chocolate down into the holes with a holiday colored M&M.  Cool. They were gone in 60 seconds once I put them on the treat table!  You can use the red and green M&Ms at Christmas, the pastel ones at Easter etc. Fun!

So Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  I love, appreciate and cherish each one of you, whether I saw you a minute ago or 30 years ago. Each one of you has made an imprint on my life and I'm grateful you are in it!


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We love you Melinda! Happy Valentine's Day!