Lazy Llama

It was so gorgeous at the farm the other morning; sun, warm, no wind. The animals were all just sucking up the nice weather and lazing around in the sun beams. When it came to lazing though, Thor took it to the extreme. He decided to lay down and eat his breakfast.
 Breakfast in bed.
 The funniest part was when he finished the hay in his little area, he'd scoot on his belly, commando style, until his face met up with some more serious eatin'.
 Breakfast makes him smile. He was one happy llama.
Sunny-the-rooster watched him for a while and then dug himself a hole in straw in the goat stall, stretched out and tried the breakfast in bed thing himself. What a goof.

Sonny is Mr. Personality. He is such a character and so social. He runs 40 miles a shift following us around from chore to chore,  'supervising' and 'talking' the whole way. He had surgery on Friday to remove an infected area of his waddle and comb. We have to rub some healing ointment on his stitches. When I did it on Sunday, he closed his eyes like it was a spa treatment. He was right back in the swing on things though. What a little trooper!


MadCityMike said…
Great pics of your "farm fix". I always enjoy reading/seeing them.