Spring Babies

What started out at a ho-hum weekend definitely picked up momentum as it rolled along! I spent the entire morning Saturday curled up reading the new Jodi Picoult book, "Handle With Care'. I haven't read a book that good in a looooong time. I highly recommend it. Ran into neighbor Aaron in the afternoon and he said that Terri, his wife, was finally experiencing some labor pains. She was due last Saturday and it's been a looong week of waiting for them! I had told him that when the time came to go, to just call me and I'd come get their firstborn baby, Brinkley and babysit while his new brother was being born. Ben was uber thrilled! He and Brinks have been buddies for a while now and Ben, well, Ben just loves him a sleepover! Aren't they handsome boys? This is one of the only good shots I got of them since they are in almost constant motion, playing. Plus Brinkley seems to be very camera curious so most of my shots look like this:
Both dogs slept on the bed with me last night. Go ahead and look back at that picture of the two of them laying by the kitchen....I'll wait. Yeah! Both BIG boys! Brinkley slept in the bed's passenger side like a human with his head on the pillow and Ben slept at the foot like always and they never budged all night. Didn't have a speck of problem.

We got a call at 7ish this morning that Brinkley's new baby brother, William, was born at 11:30 last night, about an hour after I picked Brinks up! Fancy pushin' there, Terri! It went so well, that they even came home early this afternoon! I haven't seen him yet but I'm thrilled that he's finally here!

Here are some new babies that I HAVE seen today.

I know. Awwwww, right?
Friend Donna called this morning wicked excited. She had found these four babies in her garden shed. I went out with an abandoned kitten kit and some blankets and we got them warmed up and fed. They are between 8-14 days old. Their eyes are open but they are still blue, blue, blue. One of the little guys had fallen between two boards in the shed and couldn't get out. One is a little weaker than his siblings and they were all hungry and cold. Looks like Donna was their angel of mercy today. She was working in the garden with her husband when they heard their crying. I told her since they were in the garden shed, they should be named, 'Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme'!


Mo said…
Happy Mother's Day to Ben's crafty Momma! The boys look very handsome in their photo op.

And a big congratulations to the new parents. What a great weekend!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
I'm glad you got some extra pupper love!
Elizabeth said…
OMG KITTENS! Too cute! It is exhausting work taking care of orphaned kittens, but fortunately, the grow up quickly.

When I was reading about two dogs in the bed, I was thinking, I hope you have a king size bed.
Cindy G said…
Camera curious snorfle, snorfle..... (love that photo)

An eventful weekend indeeed.
Elizabeth said…
Please can we have one when they're old enough? PLEASE?? -Owen here btw
DPUTiger said…
Those look like two very happy doggies. Glad your puppy-sitting went well!
Anonymous said…
Everytime I see something like this, it reminds me of you working at the wildlife animal refuge. Baby raccoons crawling all over you. You are awesome. No... your beyond awesome... your b-awesome! In the words of the hairy hamster from BOlt. (Tommy's new saying:))

MadCityMike said…
What and EXCITING weekend for you!!
Our world is a better place with you in it, Molly Bee!
Brinkley makes Ben look smallish! Yes, handsome boys, both. I love the kitten names; hope your friend uses them.
Everything's coming up roses and daffodils and babies....
peaknits said…
Handle With Care - what a perfect title for all of your happenings, besides a great book:) Lord, Ben really is the picture of "God doesn't give us more than we can handle" - he kills me figuratively...you, literally just about. Patience of a saint, Melinda! Okay, he is awful cute in spite of his clumsy marmaduke-ness. And those kittens - I want one of each thankyouverymuch!

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