Cheesecake and Beefcake

Neighbor Aaron graduated from UW this weekend and his wife Terri ordered a 12 pound cheesecake from The Carnegie Deli in NYC for him. He brought me over a piece Sunday night that would feed a family of four! I tried a couple of bites before bed and Oh. My. Gosh. You may not hear from me for a few days as I will be quitting my job, packing my possessions and moving to The Big Apple immediately! If you need to reach me, I'll be renting a flat directly over the deli with a trap door over the cheesecake case! I have never had better cheesecake in my life! Sooooo smooth! Yum! I'm rationing it out and not sharing so don't even think about it you guys! A fork in the right hands can be a formidable weapon.

Aaron and Terri also brought William over in his new manly outfit. He had the hat I knit on as well as a new onesy that their friends gave him. It's black and says 'Lock Up Your Daughters'. He doesn't weight as much as his Dad's cheesecake but he's sure a beefcake in his new outfit, that's for sure!

(Update: I totally just scammed this photo off his parent's website! I love the Yo Dog/Pucker Up And Give Me A Smooch pose!)

Ben and I woke up before the alarm this morning and went for our walk. We went a little further than usual since we had some extra time. There is a road at the edge of my neighborhood that skirts a field and some woods. I love it, but Ben doesn't because we have to pass a farm that has a lot of big, white, farm geese in the yard. When they start honking, he cringes, tucks his tail and squishes his eyes shut tight. I'm thinking he was abducted and water boarded by a bunch of ruthless geese (a gangle?) in his life before I got him. I'll bet they were from the Fitchburg Historical Society. We lucked out this morning because they were on the other side of the barn harassing some other dog, so he was safe. A flock of turkeys crossed the road right in front of us though and his butt bottomed the asphalt like it was full of lead sinkers. He sat perfectly silent and still, except for the drooling, until they passed. The boy may hate geese, but he hows a herd of Thanksgiving dinners when he sees one!

When we returned home I found that I had forgotten to turn my alarm off before I left and it had been beep-beep-beeping for a half an hour in our absence. Yes, I'm THAT neighbor. I'm surprised the other tenants didn't meet me in the dooryard with torches and pitchforks. It may have been a bit too early in the day to get that organized. I'll have to drive around the block a couple of times and check out the situation before I come home from work tonight just in case they've been talking it over in the meantime!


Johanna said…
Hi There! The hat is great. Now how about the cheese danish recipe? 'Been thinking about it ever since Knit Night. Thanks!

Lisa/knitnzu said…
I cackled out loud about that picture! That sweet hilarious sleeping baby pose... I'll have to let my coworker w/ the new baby girl know. Too funny about the FHS tour. LOVE wolfyhounds! Used to live with one (sadly they don't live very long), they are such sweet dogs. Not hugely "biddable" (in other words desiring to do any little wish of yours like those obsessive border collies), but nice.
Kitty Mommy said…
Oh man! That's some serious beefcake! He's just a handsome dude in his new cap!
Terri Browne said…
We're glad you enjoyed the cheesecake! Brinkley LOVES the geese on the other end of the neighborhood -- if we let him off leash I think he would jump the fence to get in there to chase them! :)

We've gotten lots of compliments on William's new manly hat. He says thanks auntie Melinda!
Here I thought you were going to say you walked extra because of the cheesecake. Silly me....
dale-harriet said…
Now see -- missing a few days of reading friends' blogs makes you enjoy 'em even more (if that's even possible). Here's some news: those turkeys? Tell Ben that their cousins CHASE Mr Dearling in the Arb, and they're MEAN! Good to know what you've been up to....and you know, Monday morning (at oh-dark-hunnert) there's a very nice patriotic service at the graves of our Union soldiers at Forest Hill; depending on the weather I might be there in hoops and furbelows.... (I'll e-mail ya)