Hello, My Name is Molly Bee and I’m Just A Klutz…

I went to an evening class on Monday night after my misadventure in dog walking in the morning. Afterward, I stopped into Target to pick up a couple of things. I noticed that several times when I approached couples who were talking and they immediately clammed up. If I neared a person by themselves they gave me a wide birth. I thought it was weird and started to get a complex. I HAD taken a shower that day! I didn’t figure out what was going on until I got home and took a look at myself in the mirror. Both of my wrists are bandaged with white bandages because the owies are on the heel of my hand and my wrist where I can't get Band-Aids to stay on and they need to be kept clean. AND I had forgotten to removed my sticker badge from class that said “Hello, My name is Molly Bee”. Put that together and I must have looked like I had participated in some kind of a support group gone horribly wrong! I wish I’d realized what was going on when it was happening. I could have had some fun with it! I have seen Sweet William in person and here is photographic proof of his existence. I received this picture with a note that said ‘Thank You for the hat. I really like it!’ Take a good look at Sweet William’s face. Is that really the expression of a wee lad who’s grooving on his new toque? I think not. His Daddy wears a do rag sometimes. I’m thinking of giving William one of those to try to see if he likes it any better! The pastel, knit cap is obviously cramping his fashion sense!

There has been knitting. Here are the Fetching fingerless gloves that I knit from my extravagant, luxurious Yak yarn that I got at The Sow’s Ear last Knit Night. They look just like Katie’s (Cowgirl Purl on Ravelry) because I want to be just like Katie when I grow up! They are uber warm and will be good for Spring and Fall when mittens are too much, but it’s too cold for bare hands. Even in warmer weather they could also be used protect the heels of my hands from any unscheduled flights I may take when walking Bentley! Maybe I should make knee pads too. Can you knit a helmet? I’d only need to wear them until I work more on my dismount and get a 4.9 or higher from the Ukrainian judges.

I cast on a lace stole yesterday. 104 stitches and I got 26 rows done. Took me almost all day. Then I decided that the pattern looked crappy and undefined on size 3 needles with cobweb yarn, so I ripped it all out and found a more heavy weight yarn to start over with. Wasted time? Nope, I enjoyed every minute of it even if there was no end result. The joy is in the doing.

This Friday is Knit Night. For a while now, Chocolate Sheep and I have knocked around the idea that we should get a dry erase board and write down some of the hysterical statements that get heard out of context. I think I’ll take my notebook and jot them down for new bi-Saturday blog feature. Of course if I’m looking for it it won’t happen but I’ll give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, meh, it’s still free smoothie sample night and I could sure use some ‘smooth’ in my life these days!


Hi, Molly Bee. You're not just a klutz. You are a klutz and so much more. The new William does look a little peeved, but it's that "I'm not even 40 freekin 8 ours old. Get that frikking camera out my face and put me back. Waaaahhhhh!" Fact: New babys cant' spell.
Cindy G said…
Oh Ms Bee, Ms Bee, sometimes I seriously worry about your safety. Hope all the wounds are healing cleanly.

And your cute new baby neighbor just loves his toque. That look is saying "One step closer to the hat and it's curtains."
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Oh, I think you should knit him a cleopatra wig.

Years and years ago the kiddo put on all of my tae kwon do gear... he was 4 and it was adult sized, so the shin pads covered his whole leg, the arm pads his whole arms, and the foam helmet... and we visited my friend at disability determination. He didn't want to take all the gear off... must've made a few folks wonder.
Kitty Mommy said…
Naw...the baby face looks like "I can't believe I was evicted from my nice warm, dark efficiency and out into the big, bright world"
I think you should wear those wristwarmers until your wounds heal so people don't think you are an escaped psych patient who tried doing herself in by slitting her wrists! Ack, you need a guard to protect you from your "guard dog"!
MadCityMike said…
I'm in total agreement with Michelle......why not be "sassy and stylin'" while in "recovery"? ;)
YarnThrower said…
I'm afraid of the baby -- his expression looks teen-age-esque, even at his tender age.

Your blog always makes me smile; I'm so thankful for it!