Quarantine-Day Three Exiled with Judge Judy

Be prepared, this post will end up sounding like a monumental whine, but I've been held captive for three days with only Dr. Phil and 80's sit-coms for company. You do the math. Tends to enhance my grumpier attributes.

I called today for my test results and were told that they can take up to a week. WTF!Doc told me that they would be back today. It's a moot point because I'm still sick so I'd have to stay home anyway, but there's something about this mandatory incarceration that offends my delicate sensibilities! Everyone has told me that I should be having fun knitting and spinning and basketing during my confinement. I would hate to see the work I'd put out in my Benydryl, Codeine induced haze. Besides, I am busy enough shoving my lungs back in after I hack them up every five minutes. Sheesh.

I suspect that it's not Flu-us Porcinicus and just the general Flu-us Pain-in-the-assi-cus but it's taking it's sweet old time letting go. Friend Gail did make me smile (and induced a coughing fit) by asking my how my 'Hamthrax' was. I'm starting to get my sense of humor about the whole thing back so I guess I must be getting better. A little. Slowly. It goes without saying, but I will anyway, that I'm not the most patient patient on the ward!

Anyway, today's agenda is to take a shower, scrub the mittens off my teeth, and put on real clothes. I caught sight of Ben giving me 'the look' as he tried to stay downwind this morning. And he likes the smell of poo and dead things so it must be bad. That is one advantage of this plague I guess ; a non-working nose! Stay well everybody!

Update! Doc called and said it's the flu sho nuff, but not the swine flu. Still have to stay down until the Tamiflu is gone (Sat. night) but I'll be back to work bright eyed and NOT CURLY tailed on Monday! Yay!


Cindy G said…
Awww, hope you really are on the upswing.
aaron browne said…
We are glad to hear that you are feeling better. If you're interested, they should, at the very least, be able to tell you which type of influenza you have (A vs B). I'm sure the delay has to do with sending the test to the CDC approved lab - you really do have to love government beauracracy. Anyhoo, hope you continue to improve. Make sure you keep resting, and give us a call if Ben decides he wants a "longer" walk. :)
Kitty Mommy said…
Just as long as Ben doesn't try and roll in you, I think you're okay. But a shower and a toothbrush will probably make you feel like a new woman! Get better soon!!
Mum said…
So glad to hear that you don't have "hamthrax"! Now we can all stop worrying quite so much about sweet William. Hopefully he won't get your "just plain pain in the assicus flu"
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Oy Vay! Glad you're feeling a little better anyhow. One of my coworkers (in our office of 6) was out for several days with a bad case of flu, and then because she's new and has nearly no sick time, she came back to work and was still hacking and coughing. And she's out this week. With her husband, at a research station on an island in the Bay of Fundy. Where it is even colder and damper than it is here, and it's been about 48 degrees and rainy here!

This afternoon I had a sudden exhaustion, and feel like maybe it's my turn. Here's hoping not. I mean, geesh, the big M seems to be visiting me, and I have 26 of the 32 symptoms of menopause dropped on me in one day. waaa waaa

Gotta love the codeine cough syrup though.
MadCityMike said…
So happy to hear that you are on the upswing! Keep taking good care of yourself.
Elizabeth said…
Hey, if you can face taking a shower, you must be on the mend.

When I'm sick like that (knocking wood), I can never do anything productive. Just lie around and moan.
dale-harriet said…
ME TOO ME TOO (I'm glad you're feeling better, even if just a little teetiny bit at a time). Also glad it's not pigflu -- but {sob} does this mean we won't have the pleasure of your company at Last Saturday???
Time for the flu to fly.
YarnThrower said…
I'm a little behind in my blog reading, though at least they were able to figure out what you had, though bummer about not feeling well for a while... I hope you're doing much better now!

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