Funny Tasting Clams and Dropping The Alpaca

I believe I have again heard a phrase never previously uttered by human kind. I brought two big bags of red Twizzlers in for my kids today. My boss took one and said,

Do you know how much I love licorice? Way too much!”. I said, “I just can’t get too enthused about it. To me it tastes like wax.” To which he replied, ‘Oh, but it’s chewy! It tastes like a strawberry flavored clam!” I know!!! Chew on that one!

Went to the Farmer’s Market by work this afternoon. It’s every Thursday during the summer and is microscopic compared to the one Downtown, but I love it anyway. I picked up some cheese curds for my neighbors. The curds are the really garlicky kind so they’ll ALL have to eat them or else they’ll bad-breath each other out of the house. As long as everyone participates, they cancel each other out! I picked up some baby carrots, lettuce, rhubarb and Swiss chard for Ben and I. I’m in LOVE with Ziploc Steamer Bags. Pop the carrots or chard in the bag and throw ‘em in the micro for, like, zero nanoseconds and perfectly steamed veggies every time. Zucchini is to die for made this way. As is broccoli. And cauliflower. You can even put the seasonings right in with it. YUM! Ziploc says you can’t use the bags twice, but I do ‘cause I know that they aren’t very environmentally friendly and they are a little on the spendy side for what you get. Just wash them up and let dry and you can use them a couple or three times at least.

Mad City Mike is such a sweetie!

[You should totally go over to his site and see the cute dog cake on today's post. I'll wait. Welcome back! What did you think? Adorable right?!]

Did you see in the last post comments where he offered to have me come over and run my Bovinus Steelwoolicus through his new drum carder? And he’s even met me before and KNOWS what I’m like! (Although I’ve only met him once and never seen him again….hmmmm…maybe that should tell me something!) Fortunately for him, I’ve finished spinning B.S. roving already and didn’t take him up on it. Might just try spinning some more someday soon so I can go over and meet Don, Copper and the assorted critters he has at Chez Mike! (If you see a big ol’ moving van in front of MCM’s house tomorrow, you’ll know he got wind of my evil plan.)

I also plied a third of a bobbin of Zig Zag The Alpaca that I had leftover. I dug out my drop spindle used that. I learned another important thing. Despite all of the wheel spinning in the last couple of years, I’m still really bad at drop spindling. They don’t call it a drop spindle for nothing I guess. And I wrapped the singles around my hand incorrectly while trying to Andean ply and nearly had to amputate because I cut off most of the circulation in my middle finger. (If you’ve seen me on the road, it’s probably best I don’t have that particular one anyway.) Needless to say it wasn’t a pretty or smooth process, but I managed to get some decent lace weight two-ply out of it but I’ll stick to Mabel from now on!

Well, off to chop up some veggies, walk the doggie and go get my hair cut. Evenings don’t get much more exciting than this one, no?


MadCityMike said…
Thank You, Ms. Molly Bee for those kind words! We would LOVE to have you come over and visit! As you know from my blog, we usually have Happy Hour on Friday's and you are most welcome to attend. You would be a great addition to our gathering......I am being most sincere, too. :)
Strawberry flavored clams sound deadly. Literally. Certain to be curtains.
dale-harriet said…
I WONDERED where you got the yarn from Bovinus Steelwoolicus - I have a darling pattern for a knitted VW Beetle and couldn't find the right stuff anywhere..... I'm *thinking* I might make LSK this afternoon. (typing with crossed fingers - never easy)