Productivity and Porcine Paranoia

Is anyone as bummed out as I am that Dom Deluise died? I LOVED him! I haven't been this sad about a celebrity passing since The Crocodile Hunter bought it. Maude didn't even make me this sad. Dom always made me smile. Blazing Saddles was the greatest!

Life has been moving fast around here lately. I've just been trying to keep up. Weekends are filled with social things. Work is filled with project things, and evenings are filled with homework, chores and errand things. But I have been sneaking in time here and there to work on fun things too.
I finished spinning up ZigZag-The-Alpaca's fleece and got it washed and dried-outside in the breeze . It spun up like a dream. I two-plied it into lace weight and have a scarf pattern in mind for it. It's soft and light as a feather. Just natural ZigZag coloring...Totally makes up for my bad experience with the last spinning I did...

And I got started on my bread basket. It's not much to see, but I put it here as proof to a certain brother who mocked my power drilling skills. Yeah, Shiela told me! (BEHOLD, BUBBER KEV! If I could photograph my own hands to prove there are no holes in them I would!)

A certain blog buddy in Maine surprised me on Saturday. A bunch of us from my building were having a barbecue out on the front lawn in the afternoon and we noticed the mail carrier go into the building with a box. I commented that I never get any boxes so it wasn't for me. Turns out it WAS! Knitzu took a vacation to Florida and sent me a box chock a block full of lovely pine needles! She picked some good ones-a nice, deep, red color. And she sent some sea shells to boot! Thanks for being an enabler there, Lisa! :-)

I bought some beautiful Yak yarn, purple of course, (40% off Y'all) at The Ear on Friday night. Enough to make some fingerless gloves. It was pretty dead for Knit Night. I think it was the perfect storm of a yarn sale at another yarn shop, too nice a weather for sittin' inside knittin' and the initial paranoia of The Flu Formerly Known As Swine. I think we need a symbol for the disease like Prince had for a while there when he wasn't Prince. Don'cha think that our flu symbol should be a little pig face? Not like the cutsie Piggly Wiggley one, but one with bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, NyQuil mustache and those little characters that signify swear words in a thought bubble over his head. Would kinda defeat the purpose as far as the Pork Council is concerned I suppose, but I think it would be apropos. And it would make me happy. And it's all about ME!

At least I'm glad the you-know-what flu isn't turning out to be as bad as the media blew it up to be. I find that The Sow's Ear Flu is much more contagious and dangerous. I caught it from Katie who I sat next to on Friday. First you get a fever and then an unalterable compulsion to buy expensive Yak for fingerless gloves. And if you get the rare Portuguese strain of the disease, you get a weird rash on the back of your neck.

At any rate, those evening chores are a callin', better wrap up for now. Say a prayer for the Deluise family and stay safe and healthy!


aaron browne said…
ah... so that's what was hanging on the tree outside. i thought the tree might have been cold and tried to put on a scarf... :)

btw, beware the dangerous caff-e virus at the Ear as well... it causes you to incessantly crave caffeine containing products - there is no effective cure. take care...
Elizabeth said…
You are a natural born basket weaver. It's in your genes, I swear.
Mum said…
What a neat start on your basket you have there. VERY NICE. I knew we had some wonderful Indian basket weavers up here in the County, but I didn't realize that the "Weaver" bug had got into YOUR system; probably when you were just a baby playing out in the backyard!!!....I TOLD you not to eat dirt!!!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Geesh, you so quietly mention "and then I plied it two-ply into laceweight" (or something along those lines)... YIKES that yarn is Be-a-u-tiful!!! Two ply lace weight... something I'll strive for. I need to remember to get that wheel back out, I put it away for the trip to FL. And now I'm knitting not so much spinning. Too much to do, too little time... Glad you liked the needles!
I liked Dom DeLuise, too. My favorite character of his was the voice of the crow in The Secret of Nimh. I also liked his on-air personality.

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