Totally Outnumbered

Legs-22. Heads 5. Tails 5. Combined weight ~475#. Three dogs, one cat, one rabbit and one Mr. Bee with food poisoning from eating sushi last night. Yeah. This will be a short post as you can clearly see, I am in WAY over my head here today!

Our good buddy, Grendel is visiting for a few days while his people are in Philly. You try to get them all to sit at the same time let alone look at the camera together! They all get along great, but that's a whole lotta dog! Moving anywhere within the house involves the whole pack and takes time and patience!

In between letting pups inandoutandinandoutandinandout, ferrying Tylenol to the bedroom and removing Velcro Cat from Mr. Bee's tender tummy repeatedly, I did get a chance to ply up a little Froot Loops. Added a little cheer to an otherwise out of control day!

Had a great time at Knit Night on Friday. Met new friend, Paul and had nice knit time visits with Beth, Shirley and Lois. The lemongrass mint iced tea was to die for! I stayed up with the big kids and didn't leave until 10:45. Making 4" bias squared out of sock yarn for the Dr. Who project inspired me although I only got two done! Beth delivered my prize from winning her blog contest. Pizzels! YUM!

Uh Oh! My pukin' punkin beckons.....Have a great week y'all!


Mo said…
The furry kiddoes look great and very sorry to hear Mr. Bee is sick. Hope the bug goes away asap and Mr. Bee is playing with the doggies next weekend!

Btw, the fruit loops yarn looks great! Some day I will learn how to spin yarn just like you!
peaknits said…
What a handful! But it sounds like you are handing it in stride! The Fruit Loops is gorgeous!
dale-harriet said…
{quiet sob} I thought of Knit Night happening, and wouldn't you know it, the night you DO stay late I'm pining away in NY. Oh well. Your yarn is STUNNING! I DO hope Mr Bee recovers very quickly, but...uhm...would you pleae e-mail me WHERE that sushi came from? I eat a lot of it (so does Lovely Daughter)and I'd welcome a little clue, thenkyew very. :-)
dale-harriet said…
....uhm...that would be "pleaSe", of course.
Elizabeth said…
I hope Mr Bee gets better fast!

You certainly do have your hands full!

Love the Froot Loops yarn.
knitnzu said…
Ugh, you poor thing! Three dogs around here is crazy too, especially since one of ours (Gracie) is fussy around her brother Sid when he visits. Zuzu and Sid play rough and loud, and Gracie just barks because she's the third wheel. Oh, and she's jealous too. Oh, and we have neighbors that complain about dog noises. Oh, and we have a neighbor that lets her dog run loose, and he thinks he owns the whole street including my front yard. Which of course sets off the three dogs... yadayadayada. Good luck staying sane and well.
Cindy G said…
That's a lot of doggy activity!
Hope Mr. Bee is doing better.
Looking at the Froot Loops makes me happy, happy, happy.
Kitty Mommy said… the fruit loops! So bright and pretty. I definitely have to start playing with color.

Hope Mr. Bee is all better soon and that you don't trip over the dogs.
MadCityMike said…
Best wishes to Mr. Bee and I hope by the time you read this post, he is back to his normal self.
Not that you are TOTALLY to blame....but I came home today with a Kromski Minstrel!!!!!! :) Between reading your post and seeing all the beautiful yarn you've made as of late, and reading books, websites, and the Yahoo spinning groups, I could wait no longer. Went out to look at what was available at Susan's (HONEST!!! JUST to look!!!) and was fortunate enough to have a one on one with her....and walked out with the Minstrel. I have to believe that trying the drop spindle (although not liking it) helped me find spinning on a wheel easier. Obviously, I am not very good yet, but am enjoying what is happening so far. Thanks for the support and encouragement! :)
YarnThrower said…
So sorry about the barfing / food poisoning! I bet the dogs are having a blast. Repeat after me: It keeps me young; it keeps me young; etc...

I love your froot loops! Will you knit anything with it? I think it would look nice in a bowl on your coffee table.