Surgery Dates and Tennis Balls

Well, I got a date for my surgery. Not a date like, "Would you like to go to dinner and then escort me to my surgery, Mr. Handsome Super Model?" Although this would make it an infinitely more pleasurable event to look forward to. Not even as in the delectable edible fruit of the date palm. Even that would be preferable. Nope, it's more like an 'I-ruptured-my-Achilles-Tendon-and-all-I-got-was-this-stoopid-day-and-time-to-fix it' kinda date. June 16th is the big day. Then six weeks of down time. Now those of you who know me, know I'm a fidgeter. I don't sit still. Even knitting and watching TV, I'm up at every commercial, darting about, aiming to misbehave. So two weeks 'toes above nose', two more weeks non-weight bearing, and two weeks of physical therapy so I can stiver around ought to be amusing. And probably not in a good way. I may, in all reality, just spontaneously combust. Poor Mr. Bee will just find a little pile of ash and a sticker-covered cast on my end of the couch. (Note to self: buy new dust pan and whisk broom just in case.)

I almost had to back out on the whole business. My doctor, who incidentally is twelve at the very oldest...I swear! I just wanted to pinch his little cheeks and say "Does your mommy know you're practicing medicine today, Pumpkin? Isn't there somewhere else you should be; like soccer practice or Chucky Cheese or something?" But I digress. He had me worried when he said that I'd have to use a walker for four weeks. It's not the stigma of the impression that walkers are only for little old ladies that gave me pause. It was the fact that usually walkers have tennis balls on the legs and I have two 70 # love sponges at home who WORSHIP at the altar of the fuzzy, yellow orb. They love me and all, but I'm not all that sure that they don't love tb's more. I'm concerned that they will sense my weakened state and inability to stage a quick getaway, knock me to the ground, and steal the thing just for the opportunity to drag it off, bliss out and chew. (Note to self: get one of those 'Help!-I've Been-Leveled-By-My-Own-Dogs-And-I-Can't-Get-Up' buttons as a precaution.) It's always something in the life of Molly Bee!

The good news is that I had already joined the Socks of Summer 2008 which starts on June 21st. Serendipity or what? Now I'll be able to knit socks non-stop for 6 weeks! I may even have to enhance my sock yarn stash a little before S-Day! I still have a hefty little nugget of Sow's Ear gift card left that the kids gave me for Admin. Assistant's day last month. My goal is to get a pair of those sport sandal thingies (kinda 1/2 sandals and 1/2 sneakers) and wear knitted socks in them all fall. A little incentive to get back on my feet again-literally!

In the meantime I am spinning my little fingers off. I have spun up two skeins of Froot Loops and have one more on the wheel. Soon it will be time to dive headfirst into my roving stash and pick a new color. It's always a hard decision that requires lots of fondling, drooling and consideration for the feelings of the hanks that might not be picked in this round. It's still one of my favorite things to do!

PS-Thanks for all of the well-wishes for Mr. Bee. He is feeling better although he vows to not eat sushi again anytime soon. He says it's not as attractive in reverse as it was when they presented it all pretty-like on his plate!


Elizabeth said…
Even when you are SUFFERING you still make me laugh out loud!

What is it with all the Doogie Hawser MDs walking around these days?

Surgery's no fun, but what you've been going through trying to avoid it is no fun, either. Let's hope it goes well and fixes everything!
peaknits said…
You are too funny - you need to say that to Doogie Hauser on your next visit:) Good luck - but like you said, at least 6 weeks of straight up sock knitting - woot!
Cindy G said…
Oh bummer, I'm sorry the boot didn't take care of things. I hear you about the doc. My new dentist is the nicest little high school senior. She's very perky. I've never had a perky dentist before.

The image of the dogs chasing tennis balls on the bottom of the walker had me on the floor.
YarnThrower said…
So glad that you'll have your leg fixed, though such a bummer that it requires surgery and then six weeks of special treatment. So, how many pairs of socks do you think you'll knit during that time?
knitnzu said…
Good luck w/ the surgery! I had to have acl surgery a few years ago and because of the tremendous cartilage damage was off my feet for 6 weeks like you'll be. I had all these fancy techniques for doing things... like shoving all the laundry around with my crutches at the top of the steps and flinging it down, hey it's dirty, and I couldn't carry a basket. Years later, I still do this, but the flinging is more tossing with my hands now. And I recommend a vest, with lots of pockets, but not with armholes that catch the crutches... put your phone, (your help I've fallen button), bonbons, etc in all the pockets. Boredom pushed me to crutch it over the half mile to get the kiddo at school (couldn't drive). Do you really need a walker? Ask about crutches... the dogs pretty much stay away from those. I was so sad that I had to give back the cane but got to keep the crutches. The cane I'd use on a regular basis, or at least play with it in martial arts. The crutches gather dust in the barn. And PT sucks! But stick with it, it's all for your best recovery.
MadCityMike said…
I guess I was "assuming" that the sticker covered "leg immobilizer", was the end of your trials.....I'm sorry to hear that you have more to "look forward to". Thankfully, you have the right attitude and know that you will not be just sitting around watching the soaps and doing nothing at all. Busy hands are happy hands! I wonder if there is a place to "temporarily" rent an electric spinning wheel?????? You know....for those times that you want to take a break from knitting all those socks. :)
dale-harriet said…
Now it's MY turn to be catching up on reading....OY VEY! Well, suffice it to say, there actually IS something to be said for a medically-appointed period of rest, and rather than fretting (yeah, I know, "talk's cheap") enjoy it! Enforced reading/knitting,dog-petting, dozing time? This can be a luxury, believe me!
Kitty Mommy said…
I hope everything goes well. Better to have it done with and be recuperating than just waiting and waiting. If you need anything, even (or maybe especially) comic relief, give a holler. I have a world class flirt here and a five-year-old that can tell you epic sagas involving alpaca and Nancy Drew!

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