Nope! Still Ugly!

But at least now it amuuuuuses me!


dale-harriet said…
My DEAR dear companion Hog-and-Blogger. I am most sad to see you ::koff koff:: in need of :snerk: such an (un)attractive piece of footwear. But tell the truth. You entered that B-Boy Jive Hip-Hop Breakdance Tournament at the Sow's Ear, dint ya? Mr. Bee goes off for a few hours of no-doubt-work-related tedium and this is what he comes home to. Mrs Knickerknots. At least it's your left foot, and not your spinnin' foot, yes?

PS One thing I love best about you: handed a lemon you made lemon chiffon pie.... (if there's anything I can do to ease your lot in life these next week, holler please.
dale-harriet said…
PSS (or PPS) nevermind. Nope, it's not ugly, it's adorable!!
knitnzu said…
Ack! That's awful! But very pretty now... I had a total athlete jock type friend who ruptured her achilles tendon stepping off of a bleacher. It's the little things that get us, no? Is your wheel a two footer? Funny about your nitty noddy! Have you seen the pvc pipe versions, where instructions say 'for a 2 yard skein use an 18 inch center piece', etc etc... But do I count? I always lose track. Pogo says you can count the strands after too... and for the 1 and 2 yard nitty noddies just multiply (we told her you can just multiply for the 1.5 yard skein too!).
MadCityMike said…
Do all of those Dragonflies make it seem "lighter"? :)
Elizabeth said…
Lovely paint job! What talent you have.

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