Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mermaid Tails

My new Mermaid Tails lace weight is dry! The roving was 50/50 Merino and Tencel from River's Edge Weaving Studio in Grand Ledge Michigan. I picked it up at the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson last fall.
I'm pretty happy with the consistency this time.

It has a few issues but overall it's OK.

It's more consistent than the Spring Claret I spun just two weeks ago.

And way more consistent than my lumpy, bumpy first attempts.

Maybe the Dyson Vacuum Guy was right after all!


Elizabeth said...

Ok, your first yarn is way way better than most people's first spinning attempt. And your new stuff is just amazingly beautiful.

knitnzu said...

Sigh.... it is all so beautiful!

Cindy G said...

Way more than OK. Those pics are honest to goodness yarn p0rn.

Hege said...

It's so beautiful!
And I wish we had farms like the one you've visited around here!

MadCityMike said...

Beautiful yarns! You "might " just get me to start rethinking this "no spinning!" on my part. :)

YarnThrower said...

WOW -- Very lovely! I'm anxious to hear how you'll use it, though it is pretty enough to display as a hank!

Peggy said...

Your spinning is unbelievable!!!!!! So gorgeous.