Denim Surprise-Check!

Finished the Denim Surprise yarn last night. Why Denim Surprise? If you look a few entries back, the roving was mostly aqua and apricot. When I plied it, I was stunned to find that the overall impression it gave was a denim blue color. Huh?! Who knew! I guess the surprise is half the fun!

Now it's off to start this little bit of loveliness from Rainbow Fleece Farms. It's an overcast day so you can't see the sparkles, but it's really shiny! My favorite!


Cindy G said…
Oooh, the color worked up really nicely. I like the denim effect a lot.

I may get to the Alpace Show on Sun. am. I work Sat am, and then was planning on Last Sat Knitting in the afternoon.
Elizabeth said…
Love the Denim Surprise! You are a natural born spinner.
The Duncans said…
you need to put pictures of you up on you blog!!!
MadCityMike said…
VERY nice ! Have a great time at the Alpaca Festival!
YarnThrower said…
Seeing all of your spinning projects makes me think that I should start spinning. Your yarn looks great!

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