Horton Hears A What?!?!?!

I was speaking with a young friend today regarding the new Dr. Seuss movie.

ME: Have you seen 'Horton Hears A What'?
HIM: Who.
ME: (giggle) Horton.
HIM: What?
ME: Yeah, Horton hears one (hehehehe).
HIM: Hears a what?
ME: Yeah (heheheheeheheheheheh)
HIM: No! Who!
ME: Horton! Try and keep up! (hysterical laughter)

This went on for quite some time, with him having no clue about the old 'who's on first' gag and getting more indignant by the second. Finally he decided that I must be a couple eggs short of an Easter Basket and a couple days late April foolin' him and gave up, at which point I tried to explain the old 'who's on first' gag which, as it turns out, I couldn't. It just sounded really stoopid, which made the whole thing seem even funnier (to me). I can just imagine how he's going to relate this at the dinner table tonight. It will start out with, "That Molly Bee is so weird..." Hopefully it will amuse his parents where it patently didn't amuse him! It's the little things that keep me going..... a joke's still a joke no matter how small.


peaknits said…
laughing at the expense of children? I love it!! Thanks for sharing the joy!
DPUTiger said…
Who's on first? What! I don't know! THIRD BASE.

That said, Peter Sagal did a fantastic commentary on Horton on All Things Considered last night. I'm going to post links when I blog later tonight. Was out partying with the Hurricane Knitters yesterday and that job thing holds guilt over my head until 5 pm daily.
knitnzu said…
Isn't it wonderful to be so easily entertained!!??!!
YarnThrower said…
Very cute!

Horton hears an "I don't know"... ?

I wonder if that Who's on First routine is out on u-tube.....
Cindy G said…
chocolatesheep said…
My almost-four-year-old keeps reporting to me "Doctor Who at the IHOP" every time he sees *that* commercial. I keep giggling at the thought of ordering a stack of pancakes and getting a TARDIS or something as a prize.
dale-harriet said…
That IS funny. One of my favorite tricks is to start telling a story to a little kid and goofing on it. Their response (the exciting opportunity to correct an error of a grown-up) is always delicious. Example: "Once upon there were four bears...." KID: "No no, there were THREE bears!" Me: "No...really? are you sure?" They really LOVE that!
patrick said…
Dr. Seuss is classic; after seeing Horton Hears a Who i was reminded how much that guy can pack into a simple storyline...

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