Molly Bee's Got Balls...

Of roving, People! Of roving! Man, you guys are quick to ride that train right on into the Gutterville Station aren't cha?! :-) We went to Rainbow Fleece Farm yesterday for their 'Sheep Shearing' days. Here's my loot. You can't tell, but most of the roving has shiny tinsel like strands in amongst the wool. I'm spinning the stuff on my wheel as fast as I can because I can't wait to tuck into that shiny red!
I went into the farmhouse where they were having demonstrations on needle felting, drum carding and spinning and look who was there!Hazel Carter, ya'll! Knitter, spinner, lace designer extraordinaire!!! I 'bout died, I did! It was like an Elvis sighting ! I held it together quite well on the outside, but in my head I was dancing around screaming...everything short of launching my underwear towards the stage! I'd never met Hazel before but I have long coveted her lace patterns and plan to attempt one when I grow up. I got to spend 30 minutes absorbing her brilliance on sheep breeds, shearing and wool; all delivered in her delightful English accent. What a sweet lady.

Despite the two-ton-heavy-thing on my foot, I went home walking on air after my brush with greatness. In fact I was so over the moon that it only later occured to me that I hadn't seen any actual sheep being sheared at 'Sheep Shearing Days'. And I didn't even mind...that's how awesome it was. The only downside was that I apparently zigged when Mad City Mike zagged and we didn't get to meet. I'm sure we'll run into each other somewhere. I am highly recognizable these days. The shimmering metallic dragonflies give me away!

On the way home we stopped at my favorite little park in Belleville. This is what it looked like last autumn.
And this is what it looked like yesterday!

This is the little walking bridge the connects the park to town. I love to look for water snakes under and around it in the summer and fall. There wasn't any ' under and around it' to search yesterday! Weee! I hope it holds!

We went to Melting Pot with D&T for supper. It was scrumptious as usual; fire, food on sticks and chocolate. Can't go wrong. And it's nice to take a leisurely three hours to catch up with friends rather than rushing so that others can have your table. D&T recently returned from Germany so they had lots to share, and when I could shut up about Hazel Carter long enough, they told us wonderful stories. They brought me back the prettiest little lighthouse centerpiece from the North Sea. It holds a tea light and is so pretty on the dining room table.

Yeah, overall, I'd give yesterday a 12 out of 10!


YarnThrower said…
WOW -- So nice to be taught something by Hazel Carter! I saw her once in person, though she was in the audience at a talk Meg Swanson was doing at the UW last year, but Hazel stood up to say something at one point and I just about flipped! My dh, a non-knitter, didn't fully grasp my thrill at being in the midst of such greatness, but I was totally awed by the experience.
Elizabeth said…
Such a great day!
knitnzu said…
Wicked! Sounds like good fun!
Kitty Mommy said…
I got a ball of Deep End of the Ocean (the blue one on the upper right) last fall. Patty does gorgeous work doesn't she??
Cindy G said…
OMG, Hazel Carter! If I'd know she was going to be there.....
I've seen the roving with sparkle, purrrrty!
MadCityMike said…
Little did I know the fame of Hazel! Now, besides you, I have her as an inspiration to begin spinning. With the weather not cooperating for Patty and Andy's "shearing" (none on Saturday either, but who would be cruel enough to take their fleece away with all of this cold weather??!!), we had the chance to chat with Hazel and Joan, probably more than we'd normally have had a chance to, if there had been more people and nicer weather.

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