Who got New Piggy Slippers For The Sow's Ear Sleepover?!?!?!

Me! Me! I did! I did!
Our five-day vacation is almost over. Jeez I hate to see it go! It's been relaxing, we had fun and got some chores done too. Doesn't get any better than that! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with friends D & T. Here is a shot of out table before we descended upon it. After dinner we went to see 'Fred Claus'. And ya'll know that in my world....any day with Vince Vaughn is a very...VERY good day.

We spent plenty of quality time with the fur babies, who in turn spent quality time basking in the sun..(the little white lump in the blue cage in the upper left of the bottom picture is Sneakers the bunny).

We had friends E and A and their kids R and E over last night to play games. For once, the adults wore the kids (and the Bentley) out first! They slunk off to the living room to rest from the excitement of playing Hoopla.

I went to last Saturday knitting and had a wonderful visit with all the lovely ladies. Elizabeth is working on an absolutely beautiful scarf! Hop on over to her site and take a look!It's made from some fiber that has an alien name...can't remember it but it was the butt of a couple of really good jokes. It's gorgous stuff! Cindy brought the pair of green socks she just finished and the new pair she's working on . Linda was in control enough to be working from a chart! A chart I tell you! Don't know how she does it. I'm lucky if I don't screw up a sock foot and that's just knit round and round and round! Dale-Harriet brought a very artistic friend with her; Ginny Tiffany who used to illustrate Little Golden Books! All the fine company AND a gingerbread latte by the fireplace at Victor Allens Coffee Shop. Blissful sigh!

I nearly finished my scarfigator. I should finish it tonight during Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Dexter. Then I have to whip up my Wee Paddy quilt. Both are going into the Employee Art Show at work week after next. It'll be a wonky week for me since I will be working for a different 'boss' for a couple of days next week. I will be doing some Admin work for our General Managers meeting. Should be fun. The managers from our branches in France, Germany, The Netherlands, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, the UK and Switzerland will be at the home office where I work for a week. It's always nice to see friendly faces from far away.

So that sums up the mini vacation, time spent with old friends and new, fur baby love, Vince Vaughn and piggy slippers. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!


Elizabeth said…
I love the way Bentley crosses his paws. What an act: like he's a demure and calm dog who would never dream of attacking a defenseless piggy slipper.
peaknits said…
What a wonderful extended weekend! Your knit at Victor Allen's sounds right out of Norman Rockwell! Love your piggies - if I ever make it to the Sow - I'll know you right away!!
dale-harriet said…
I love dem piggy slippers! I don't have any - do you s'pose teddy slippers will do? I'm watching Extreme Home Makeover too, for the first time- good toque knitting show. Except you need a whole box of tissues,huh? :sniff sniff: Nice to see show like this, you know? How do you get your pets to look so blissfully tranquil?
Cindy G said…
Great slippers! And how appropriate for the impending event.
I just realized that I walked away with the ball band for your Tofutsies in my bag. Want me to send it to you?
DPUTiger said…
Those slippers ROCK! I'm in a panic today getting ready for work tonight plus a two-night field trip with my mom and aunt. I'd almost (but not really) rather have a regular job! Have a great week!
Cindy G said…
Don't want to hijack your comments, just wanted to let you know I sent the washing instructions via Ravelry message.
Looking forward to pics of that finished alligator scarf :)