Secret of the Stole Hint #4 Finished

I am the queen of the last minute finish! Officially I have 4 hours until midnight to complete this week's section. Pleeennntttty o' time! :-) I am really loving this stole. It's been a long time since I attempted lace and it seems I have some experience under my belt because this is going pretty smoothly now that I'm into it. Let's just say that my last lace project-Violets by the River (or Violence by the River or Violets by Chernobyl since none of my 'violets' ended up with the same number of petals...) didn't go as smoothly. Still haven't guessed what the theme of this stole is though although I can see crabs, fish and bubbles.....hmmmmm. Am thoroughly confused about the weekly word clues to get the anagrams to spell the theme so unless I happen to stumble on it, I guess I am out of the running for that contest! The joy is in the making anyway, not in the prizes. Anyway, here it is in all it's unblocked glory!
The swelling in my lip had gone done quite a bit. If I didn't insist on showing people the bruise, they probably wouldn't even notice. But c'mon! Lip twisted around a dental drill! You know you'd be showin' it too!


Gammy aka Peggy said…
Your stole is gorgeous!!! I am really loving this one as well.
DPUTiger said…
Love the new avatar! Glad the lip is feeling better. Looks like you're cranking on the lace. Great job! :)
Read your post and saw your photo on my new blackberry, but had no idea how to use the keyboard to comment. How do the kids today text so fast? I had to hunt for the right letters just to type in my user name. Anyway, I love your stole and the beads look great!
peaknits said…
The stole is coming along wonderfully - I so need to add this to me queue as well!