Don't Go In The Water!!!

Dah Da... (First two notes in 'Jaws' theme)

Dah Da... (Second two notes in 'Jaws' theme)

Dah Da... (Third and fourth notes in 'Jaws' theme)


Nah, don't be afraid! It's just a scarfigator!


HAHA, I love it!! Pattern?
DPUTiger said…
I LIKE IT!!!! :)
knitnzu said…
This is FABulous!!! Where's the pattern from, is it a Morehouse Farm pattern? something else??
dale-harriet said…
AWWWW! It's absolutely adorable, and what potential for the rest of the scarf! is it all over bobbles and cables and stuff? (And do tell, MB - what's for the eyeballs?)
love the gator!
Gammy aka Peggy said…
That is so cute!!! I can't wait to see your stole. You know I haven't even paid any attention, or not much, to the theme. :)
Sus said…
Now you know you don't get to tempt me like this without telling me how I can make my own! ;) Tooooooo Cuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!