It's Truly Pathetic Photo Thursday!

I finished the Scarfigator and RammieGays Istmas-Chray Ocks-say. Here are a couple of truly hideous, hastily-taken photos. The scarfigator is drying on the blue towel so I couldn't mess with him to take a pic. Even though I got the gauge that was called for in the pattern and added 3 full scale repeats to his back, he's nowhere near the 6 feet long he was supposed to be. He's the runt of the congress* I guess. The width is correct but the length is too short. I'll probably go up a couple of needle sizes next time to try and nail it although he'll be a bit wider too. But he's a good size for the Employee Art Show at work next week. He was SO MUCH FUN to knit!
And the socks are...well....just basic socks made out of Tofuttsies (sp?) yarn. It's REALLY splitty stuff and I won't be using it again. I noticed it was splitty when I made my Tidal Wave Socks out of it, but this time it was SO splitty that it had separated and made a rats nest in several places inside the skein so that when I pulled it out, I had to spend ten minutes untangling. Don't like that one bit. If I make the mess, it's OK.... but if the manufacturer does...not so much!
If you haven't seen Franklin's snowman hat over at The Panopticon, go there NOW. Then come back. I'll wait...(hums to self....twiddles thumbs)...
I KNOW right?! That is the cutest thing EVER! That Abigail is one lucky little chick! Hey Franklin! I have a gigantic head too!!! And it's cold in WI!
Now I'm working on a project that I can't talk I won't. Off to watch the Thursday night sitcoms and work on it!
*Seriously, a group of alligators is called a 'congress'. Who knew? I didn't. Heather told me. I thought they should be called a 'raft', but once again, I wasn't consulted early enough in the name-pickin' process! There, that's your trivia for today!


KreativeMix said…
nice job :-)
dale-harriet said…
did you do anything for the eyeball units? I mean to get me that pattern, some time AFTER the holidays. I want me one. Bad. Alligator, oh yeah. Say, I don't have piggy slippers, but a wee piggie moved into my new knitting tote. (Can you feel the excitement building?)
Elizabeth said…
I love those strange animal plurals. I wonder if I still have my copy of An Exaltation of Larks...great book, that.

My brother and his first wife made one up: a scurry of roaches. For urban-dwellers, this is what you find when you pick up a stack of newspapers or turn on the kitchen light in the middle of the night. Ewww.

Great scarf! great ocks-say. Ammie-gray will love them.
Elizabeth said…
Oh, and by the way, a gaggle of geese is only on the ground. A skein of geese is what you see in flight.
knitnzu said…
I do love the odd names for groups of animals! I think my favorite is a smack of jellyfish.

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