Swimmin' Pools and Movie Stars

I finished my Kid Haze shawl Wednesday night! It’s unblocked so no photo. Jury is still out on the beads. I’ll decide once it’s blocked. It’s so soft and light and airy that I’d hate to ruin it with the cold, hardness of a bead. (Over think things much? Why yes I do, thank you very much!)

I started on my Tofootsie socks yesterday but only got the top 1.5 inches of ribbing done. I’m going to attempt the Tidal Waves pattern from the South West Trading Company site. We’ll see how it goes. Sometimes I try new sock patterns but then give up on them if they are too ’thought intensive’ in favor of the lulling meditation that is K1/P1 rib and the basic sock pattern. I’ll try to focus this time though. I really like the look of the sock and I have a good feeling.

Went to see ‘No Reservations’ last night. I went against my better judgment since Catherine Zeta Jones drives me ABSOLUTELY INSANE. She and Nicole Kidman are in cahoots to drive me over the edge with their phone-it-in-eye-fluttering-is-that-a-fake-accent-or-a-speech-impediment(?) performances. I'm not kidding. They have weekly lunch meetings to discuss their strategy. But I was feeling strong so I went with a friend. Catherine didn’t disappoint me. She was as one dimensional and cardboard as usual. The story was good though, as were the male lead’s and kid’s performance. It was the little girl from “Little Miss Sunshine”. She was amazing. She’s a goofy little thing which is her major strength. She has that Precious-Moments-eyes-tear-up-but-not really-crying thing that gets me every time. And her Mum dies in this ‘comedy’ so there was a lot of that. I'd give it a 3.5 on a 1-5 scale. It would have been a 4.5 if ANY other actress (or a potted plant perhaps) had played the female lead.

Tonight it’s off to The Melting Pot with friends for supper. We were supposed to go for D’s birthday in March and are just getting to it now and it’s almost her ‘half-birthday’. Ummmm the Melting Pot…red meat and white bread dipped in cheese…marshmallows, brownies and cheesecake dunked in molten-chocolate-laced-with-booze-and-then-set-on-fire sauce. Doesn’t sound wrong.

My evil plan is to hang around the house and do as little as possible all weekend. I’ve been struggling lately and think I need my emotional batteries recharged. No running around, just taking care of things around the house and getting centered again. Of course this will include lots of knitting while watching “Eureka: Season One” which hubby bought me this week. Work with science geeks all week and then watch ‘em all weekend on t.v.”, that’s my motto! It will also include getting Big Bentley to ‘like’ his swimming pool. He’s half lab for Heaven’s sake! Why am I the only one getting wet?!


peaknits said…
I like the idea of charging your emotional batteries - I think I should join in that effort over the weekend:) Melting Pot...hmmmm...yeah, doesn't sound wrong to me either!
bobbi said…
I too am an overthinker. glad i found another one to keep me company.
I LOVE your sense of humor.
thanks for you comment about my shopping for dishcloth yarn.(and that is exactly what i need to do).
PAT said…
Hi Mollybee..I am an old school chum of your Mom's and I do believe you've picked up her wonderful sense of humor. She's a gem and methinks perhaps you are, too. If you're not, you've sure got her fooled!
Stay happy....Pat